There is a swimming pool, infrared sauna, jacuzzi and solarium in the center of the Old Spa, opposite side of the Institute of Natural Medicine "Wojciech". More information is available on the

Ladek Zdroj Ski Station is a small ski area located on the northern slopes of the Trojak mountain. There are three lifts on the slope: 350m, 400m and 600m. From the Ladek Zdroj Spa the resort is about 300m away and about 600m from the "Golden Palm". The slope is floodlit at night. More information is available on the

Black Mountain Ski Resort calld “Czarna Góra” is located 11 km away from the Ladek Zdroj. There are several professionally groomed ski runs and lifts, including the chair lift. More information is available on the

The whole area of the city and the municipality Ladek Zdroj is surrounded by mountain bike routes. Most of these routes was build before the second world war. The city is trying to to renew existing bike trails and do this every year.

Walking Moniuszko or Forest Street you go to the Arboretum, the source of St. Jadwiga and Table Rocks. Arboretum is open during the spring and summer 10:00-18:00. More information is available on the

Entering the Trojak Mountain (766 m) takes about 4 hours. You have to take the blue trail from the Spa center. There is an observation deck on the Trojak peak, where on a clear day, you can see a panorama of the Golden and Bialskie Mountains, Śnieżnik Mountain, and the valley of the White Lądecka River. Further taking a blue and green trail you can walk to the Castle Crossroad and reach the ruins of the castle Karpień.

Walking trail is marked with red and white squares. Walking time takes about 4 hours. Begin your journey from PTTK building, cross the bridge over the White Lądecka, Stójków village, Table Rocks, the Source of St. Anthony, the ruins of the castle Karpień, Castle Crossroad, Trojak Mountain, Southern Crossroads, Source of St. Jadwiga and the Arboretum.

Going on Wolności Street and yellow trail to Lądecka Pass we cross the border and after 200m we have a view of the Valley Jawornik Stream, and with good visibility on the Nysa Lake. Going further along the yellow trail about 8 km we come to Jawornik town (where you can take a bus also, because there is a bus stop in the Travna village about 500m from the border). It is possible to go by car to the border and Czech Republic also.
There is a local Czech pub in the Travna village with excellent regional food and fresh Czech beer (Gambrinus, Kozel), which we also recommend (

From the Lądecka Pass going by green trail we can reach the top of Blueberry Mountain ( Borówkowa Góra 899m above sea level). There is a tower at the peak (with free admission), where you have a beautiful view over the eastern and central Sudetes, Kłodzko Valley and the foothills of the Sudeten. There is a Czech bar with grilled food and fresh Czech beer nere to the tower. More information is available on the

Going by a blue trail through the Valley of the White Lądecka by Cierniak (595m above sea level) you get to the Cave Radochowska. There is old chapel on the Cierniak peak - a holy place, a remnant of former Cavalry. After passing the Jaskiniec stream you meet the entrance to the Cave. Please bring your own source of light with you there. More information is available on the

There is the longest cave in the Polish part of the Sudetes situated about 15 km from Lądek Zdrój. It was discovered in 1966 and named after the cave bear, which the bones in large amounts are there. The total length of the corridors of this cave is more than 2,5 km. More information is available on the

There is also a uranium mine in Kletno village. It is situated on the northern slope of the Śnieżnik Mountain. Mine was operated in the years 1948-1953 using several medieval tunnels, which in the past were carried out mining of iron, silver and copper. Mine consisted of 20 tunnels and the total length of all the mine workings is more than 37 km.. More information is available on the

There is an old gold mine not far from the Lądek Zdrój in Zloty Stok village (Golden Slope). There are attractions like: Gertrude Tunnel, Black Adit, underground waterfall and Museum of Minerals and Old Mint. More information is available on the

A small beautiful mountain town, which has a wooden building houses build in a truly Tyrolean style with beautiful carvings, arcades, balconies and balustrades. There is a waterfall Wilczki (height 22m) in the village. More information is available on the
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