Institute of Natural Medicine "Wojciech" (formerly Marienbad) was established in 1680, in 1880 it was rebuilt in neo-Baroque building. Now there are a marble swimming pool with 25 marble baths. Beautiful, original shape of the building, modeled on the roman baths and an unforgettable aesthetic dome towering over the resort from afar encouraged to refer the steps there. It is a true pearl of spas, which delights visitors from all over the world. For more details, please visit

Diseases that are treated in Lądek Zdrój are
• skin diseases
• occupational diseases
• rheumatic diseases
• cardiovascular disease
• metabolic diseases
• diseases of the digestive system
• diseases of the urinary tract
• diseases of the nervous system
• respiratory disease
• locomotor diseases and orthopedic trauma

Why it is interesting to come here

Bathers and tourists coming to Ladek Zdroj rarely realize that they live in homes where hosted crowned heads. This is one of the oldest spa town in Europe (about 400 years). Even older than the famous Baden-Baden.

Ladek Zdroj is located in Kłodzko Valley and in the center of Golden Mountains (Eastern Sudetes) and Biała Lądecką river. It is characterized by a mild climate, classified as a so-called lower mountain climate zone, the highest evaluated in terms of therapeutic value.

Ladek Zdroj is the oldest resort in Poland - its medicinal water has probably been used in the eleventh century. No wonder that there are alot of sights. There are very interesting attractions around like casel in Trzebieszowicach, the ruins of the Castle Karpień, rocks, Cave Radochowską, Calvary Chapel on the Cierniak peak. Ladek Zdroj is close to the Cave Bear and Czech Republic (Lutynia border about 6 km). Nearby are professional ski lifts at Black Mountain, located about 11 km from Lądek. In Lądek there are 3 (shorter) ski lifts.

"I have never seen the spa, the location of which had the appearance of a more calculated to maintain or restore health than Ladek" – said John Quincy Adams. He had visited this oldest existing spa during his spy visit in Silesia region. In 1825 he became the sixth president of the United States of America.

Healing Waters in Lądek Zdrój:

Radon waters give vitality, enhance well-being, lower cholesterol and facilitate the excretion of toxins from the body. These waters act like medications.

Hydrogen sulfide fluoride waters are very helpful in the treatment of locomotor system, especially osteoarthritis. Fluoride in the water prevents and reduces the impact on osteoporosis bone called the silent thief, which is common in people in their fifties. Sulfur in water involves toxins and get rid of them. Even the calloused skin becomes soft and supple. You can see it after a few baths.

Source Wojciech - for medicinal purposes is used from the twelfth century, the temperature: 29.4 ° C, yield 83.4 dm3min., acidity, pH 8.6, radon content 5.5 nCi/dm3.

Source Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie - has been known since 1625, temperature: 24.4 ° C, yield 77.6 dm3/min., acidity, pH 8.7, 6 nCi/dm3 radon content.

Source Dąbrówka - has been known since 1679, temperature: 20.1 ° C, yield 20.6 dm3/min., acidity, pH 8.7, 5.3 nCi/dm3 radon content.

Source Chrobry - has been known since 1835, temperature: 27 ° C., yield 381 dm3/min., acidity, pH 8.7, 5.3 radon content NCI / dm.
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